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Word Wheel Puzzle Solving Tips

A Word Wheel is a type of puzzle game enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. The aim of a game is to find as many words as possible within a given time limit. Each puzzle is arranged so that there is a central letter and 8 outer letters (see the image below).


The rules of the game require each word to consist of at least 3 letters and each word must contain the central letter. In addition to this, every puzzle contains at least one 9 letter word.

There are some obvious ways in which you can score better at this game, such as practicing a lot, learning more words, learning to type quicker, thinking quicker and trying harder. However, despite these factors there are still some other strategies that you can take to find more words. For example, if you look for words in a methodical way, you are less likely to miss finding words. Using such a method also means that you can also remember more easily which words you have already found.

The idea is to work your way through each letter in the grid and look for all words beginning with that letter. So using the example in the grid above (see image again), you might start with the letter 'R' and find the words RAG, RAM and RAT. Then you work your way methodically around the grid in a clockwise direction, so next would be the letter 'T' and you find the words TAG and TAR. As you're finding words, don't forget that you can find plural words, so in addition to these words there are also the words RATS, RAGS, RAMS, TAGS and TARS. It's worth bearing in mind too to look out for anagrams of words that you have already found. For example, the word STAR is an anagram of both the words RATS and TARS.

As you're finding words, you may find it useful to keep a look out for similar-looking words. For example, if you find the word ASH, other words can be found by using the additional letters within the grid such as GASH, RASH, MASH and TRASH.

At the end of each game, it's useful to quickly scanning over all of the possible answers you've missed and mentally taking note of them, in particular the shorter words as these are the ones most likely to reappear in future games you play. At the end of each game on this website, we show you a list of all of the answers that you've missed. For the more enthusiastic word game fanatics, it's worth learning all of the 3 letter words since these are the words which come up as answers the most often. These words are easier to learn and find. This strategy is often used by Scrabble players.

Another tip is to look out for common word endings and letter groupings. Once you spot these patterns, it makes it much easier to find more words. Here are some examples of these:

  • Some common word endings include -ing, -ed, -es, -s, -ly, -able, -ible, -tion, -ive, -est and -less.
  • Some common letter groupings include -ch, -sh, -th, -wh and -qu.

If all else fails and and you are still struggling to find more words, it's better to take guesses at words by making words up. You will stand a better chance of guessing the shorter words correctly and sometimes the words you guess turn out to be real words, thus resulting in a better score.

Now that you have read the rules and tips, why not try playing a word wheel. Click on one of the buttons below to play a word wheel game.

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