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9 Letter Word Solver

Unscramble letters and play our Nine Letter Word Solver puzzle, also known as a Word Wheel, or Target Puzzle. Your aim is to find as many words as possible within the given time limit. Unscramble letters in the grid to find as many words as you can. Each puzzle consists of 9 letters and the central letter in the wheel formation must be used in each word. There is at least 1 Nine Letter Word in each game and sometimes more, and only words 3 letters or more are permitted as correct answers.

On completion of the Nine Letter Word Solver, or Word Wheel, you will be presented with a results chart.Here you are able to view some basic statistics on your game, view all the words you missed and compare your final score against others who have previously played.

You have the option to play 3 different game lengths; a 2 minute game, 3 minute game, or a 5 minute game which seems the more popular of the three.On our games menu, for each of the 3 game lengths we reveal the highest scores for the current day, week, month and all time.

Our 9 Letter Word Solver is also unique in that we keep a record of all the scores which have ever been achieved.We present the scores in 3 different graphs, 1 for each game length, so you can compare your scores against others.These graphs are accessible from here or from our games menu.

We hope you enjoy playing our 9 Letter Word Solver game, Word Wheels!